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How do we book you?

You can book any of our booths using our online booking form. As soon as we receive notification of your booking a member of Sugar Sisters will be in contact to confirm your booking. If you would rather book directly over the phone then this is perfectly fine too. Once the dates and times are confirmed as being available, a booking confirmation invoice will be sent to you, only once we receive a minimum of 25% deposit will your booking be 100% booked!


Do we need to pay a deposit to secure our booking?

Sugar Sisters requires at least 25% of your total package cost in order to secure your booking.


Can we pay by instalments?

Yes of course! You can pay instalments via BACs or using our website. Once payments are confirmed we will update your invoice accordingly. All we ask is that payment is completed in full 7 days before the event.


What is Idle Time, and how much will we have to pay for Idle Time?

Sometimes our customers may require us to set up the booth before the time they require it to actually be in use. E.g setting up by 5pm before guests arrival, with the actual hire time commencing from 7pm. The price starts at £30 for the first hour and then £20 for every hour thereafter.


What happens if we ask you to extend your time with us? How much will this cost?

As long as Sugar Sisters is available to extend the time of the booking on the day, we will be more than happy to do this for you. We do charge an extra fee of £70 for each additional hours booked on the day itself (a short notice fee is applied to the additional hourly fee)


How long does it take to set up the booth?

It would usually take 1.5 hours to set up the magic selfie mirror photobooth and 2 hours to set up the classic photobooth. depending on access, staff and location. This time includes parking, offloading, location our point of contact and finding our set up location, and the build itself.


How much room will you need within the venue?

The largest of our booths are 6.5ft high x 4ft wide x 6ft long. We will require a little more room to set up and manoeuvre. If you require a photo guest book also, then we may require a table. If you have also booked us for our additional services such as keyring and photo frame prints then we will definitely require additional space and a table. We also carry a 4ft table with us for our props, if there is not enough space for this we will use our bucket and any other space we have.


What else will you require from the venue?

We require one mains plug socket close to where you would like the booth to be located. A point of contact at the venue is also useful for us to liaise with.


Where will you travel to?

We are located in London and will travel to any event within London and the surrounding counties. An additional mileage fee may be required for events located further out, but please contact us prior to booking if you feel this may be the case and we will let you know.


Does someone stay with the booth, and will this be at an extra fee?

There will always be a member or 2 of the Sugar Sisters team to help assist throughout the booking.


Will you offer our guests any additional benefits out of our package deal?

We are willing to offer your guests additional services such as Keyring photo prints, larger picture frame prints and extra booth prints. We would usually offer all of these services (once available) at an additional fee on the day, or at a lower fee prior to your actual event. Please view our packages page for the costs.


Do you offer corporate branding/ customisation of your booths?

Yes of course! We are able to have the outside of the booth customised to your company logo/ branding. This is a great additional feature for launches, corporate events and trade fairs etc. Please call us to find out how long it will take for the customisation and also for a quotation. We also customise the prints which can be branded in any way, we design the prints with our customers, please contact us if you would like to see examples.


Can the prints be personalised?

Indeed! This is one of the best features of the booth as the prints can be personalised in a range of different ways. Whether you want your guests to have a set background colour or theme, the event name and date, or the layout/ number of images on each print. Contact us to describe how you would like your prints to look and we can send you an example prior to your event.


Can we view our photos after the event?

All of our customers have the option to view all of their photos on Facebook where they can download the pictures for free and tag people within the photos. If you did not book a package where you would receive a USB, then you can contact us for a USB or CD to be sent to you for £10.


Are props included in the booking?

As a part of all packages we will always have a large variety of props, this helps to increase the smiles and laughter whether inside or outside of the booth. We are well known for our lovely prop set up!


I need the booth to be located on the 3rd floor of the venue, will you be able to situate the booth where I require?

Of course! Sugar Sisters booths are made to be set up anywhere that there is efficient space. We do not require lifts as the booths can be broken down to carry.


Can you sit down in the booth?

Yes! Our booths can either be set as a sit down booth or a stand up booth. A seated booth may be better for older people or children. Stand up booths do tend to fit more people. Our Magic Selfie Mirror booth are usually used as stand up booths, but if you feel to be seated in front of it, then that is okay too.


How many people can the booth hold?

Our sit down booths tend to hold 4 people, but we have had more people squeeze in, more than 8!. Our stand up classic b2ooths tend to hold 6 people but again can hold more. Magic Selfie Mirrors can hold as much as you can fit into the mirror frame! Remember it may be harder for more people’s faces to actually be seen amongst an array of funky hats and wigs!


Do you have insurance?

Of course we do! Sugar Sisters has public liability insurance and we are willing to provide our documents to customers or venues where needed. All of our equipment is also PAT tested to conform to EU safety regulations.